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Rocks In The Attic #374: Aerosmith – ‘Look Homeward Angel’ (1975)

RITA#374“Aw, I got some grease on my fingers tonight…”

This is a nice little Aerosmith bootleg I scored from somewhere. I think I first heard this show online on Wolfgang’s Vault. It really impressed me as I’d never heard them open with an extended intro into S.O.S. (Too Bad) from the Get Your Wings album. It’s a shame that section fell by the wayside and didn’t make it onto the studio version.

The record is listed as ‘Recorded Live In Boston 1974’ but it clearly wasn’t. For a start, two of the songs are from 1975’s Toys In The Attic. In fact, it’s a show recorded at the Shaeffer Music Festival in New York’s Central Park on August 29th, 1975.

The other interesting thing is that Joe Perry plays the main riff to Walk This Way through a talkbox – as he does on the version included on 1978’s (official) Live! Bootleg. I’ve always found it odd that he did this, despite not using it on the original studio version. He would have had a talkbox available on stage, for the intro to Sweet Emotion – but it’s just plain weird that he used it on a song that didn’t really need anything else adding to it.

The sound is pretty good for a bootleg from that period, recorded off the soundboard. It’s a little bit murky, but bootlegs should be a bit murky, shouldn’t they? The other good thing is the cover – a colour printout of a picture of Aerosmith on stage in the early ‘70s, taped onto the sleeve at the corners. On the back, is a similarly simple print-out of the set-list, written in the most basic font available.

I really miss bootlegs, and despite the vinyl revival of the last ten years or so, they’ve never really made a comeback. I guess vinyl printing presses aren’t as accessible as they used to be back in the ‘70s. Maybe that will be the next trend – the return of the bootleg vinyl record!

Hit: Walk This Way

Hidden Gem: S.O.S. (Too Bad)