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Rocks In The Attic #502: The Doobie Brothers – ‘The Captain And Me’ (1973)

RITA#502This isn’t my favourite Doobs album – that would be Toulouse Street – but this is probably the most successful one, if you consider the strength of the individual songs on it. Both Long Train Runnin’ and China Grove were lifted off this record, and they’re amongst the best singles the band ever released.

In 1976, when the band’s first compilation, Best Of The Doobies, was being put together, as well as taking the two hit singles on The Captain And Me, they also took a couple of album tracks – Without You and South City Midnight Lady. As a result, these two songs now sound like hit singles. The end result for The Captain And Me is a record that feels like it’s full of hits.

Of course the thing that makes this a great Doobie Brothers album is the absence of Michael McDonald. He wasn’t tainting the band with his smooth AOR vocals just yet. I’ve criticised him enough in the past though, so I won’t elaborate further on this lest anyone think I have a personal vendetta against the man. <Aside> I do!

The record does mark the first occasion when fellow Steely Dan alumnus Jeff “Skunk” Baxter would appear on a Doobie Brothers album. He would also appear on the following year’s What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits, before becoming a fully fledged ‘brother’ on 1975’s Stampede.

Hit: Long Train Runnin’

Hidden Gem: Busted Down Around O’Connelly Corners

Rocks In The Attic #63: The Doobie Brothers – ‘Toulouse Street’ (1972)

Rocks In The Attic #63: The Doobie Brothers - ‘Toulouse Street’ (1972)I love this album. I think there are better Doobie Brothers songs scattered on other albums, but for a full album that gels well from start to finish, this is the one. The sleeve also has titties, in the photo on the inner gatefold, and that’s always a bonus.

Not too long ago, I saw The Doobie Brothers play in Auckland – the Tom Johnston Doobie Brothers this is; thankfully Michael McDonald was nowhere in sight (or sound). I was so excited that they were touring – I remember being at work when the pre-sale email popped into my inbox. I didn’t even know they still existed, let alone were touring the world, so I snapped up tickets as quick as I could, and we found ourselves in the third row in the Civic Theatre+.

Unfortunately, local TV evangelist Brian Tamaki was sat in the row in front of us, so you can’t have everything; but it was quite amusing when they played Jesus Is Just Alright from this album, and everybody started to point at him behind his back. Snigger.

Hit: Listen To The Music

Hidden Gem: Mamaloi