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Rocks In The Attic #790: Lyn Collins – ‘Think (About It)’ (1972)

RITA#790Anything James Brown related is always worth picking up, and this 2014 reissue of Lyn Collins’ 1972 debut is no exception.

Produced by James for his People Records label, it features his influence all over the record; he’s grinding the organ on Women’s Lib, and it’s not hard to hear his voice in the background of most songs. The album’s title track, a stone cold funk gem that has since been sampled countless times, was a standout on James Brown’s Funky People, the 1986 compilation of the label’s greatest grooves.

It almost seems like James Brown knew that sampling was going to happen. It’s on the heavily sampled break midway through Think (About It) where he’s the most audible, hollering and yelping at the groove.

Hit: Think (About It)

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