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Rocks In The Attic #154: Elvis Costello – ‘The Man – The Best Of Elvis Costello’ (1986)

I’ve never really been able to figure out Elvis Costello. On the one hand, he’s a fantastic songwriter, but I think I have a problem in that he doesn’t fit into one genre of music – he moves around so much that it’s impossible to pigeon-hole him.

I know his stuff more through other band’s covers of his material – Pump It Up, especially – rather than his own recordings. Listening to these songs back-to-back, I think his voice puts me off him more than anything else – he slurs his lyrics in the same way that Buddy Holly hiccups his. They look like they share the same optician too.

I can take him or leave this Elvis – and I get the impression that like a lot of London acts, he’s far more relevant to southerners rather than grim northerners like myself.

Hit: Oliver’s Army

Hidden Gem: Pump It Up