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Rocks In The Attic #282: Marillion – ‘Misplaced Childhood’ (1985)

RITA#282Marillion sort of passed me by. With this 1985 album being their most successful, they were sort of past their glory years in the UK rock scene by the time I started listening to music in the early ‘90s. I remember hearing their name here and there, but anything I heard by them at the time was swiftly forgotten.

Kayleigh is a great single – and I love how the guitar intro cuts into the end of Pseudo Silk Kimono (all of the tracks bleed into one other throughout the album) – but I can understand how people see the song now as wishy-washy ‘80s nonsense. That’s probably more of a comment about the production of the song though, rather than the song itself. The synths on the album really do date the album and it’s hard to listen to this now without the keyboards standing out so much.

In fact, Marillion don’t sound a million miles away from mid-‘80s Genesis. The synths are very similar, they both fit under the prog-rock banner (although Genesis would move further and further away from that pigeonhole throughout the decade), and Fish sounds like he’s a combination of both Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins. When Collins left Genesis, getting Fish on board would have been far more interesting than the choice they went with – Stiltskin’s Ray (“Who?”) Wilson.

Hit: Kayleigh

Hidden Gem: Childhoods End?