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Rocks In The Attic #292: Various Artists – ‘The Doctor Who 25th Anniversary Album’ (1988)

RITA#292A quarter of a century ago – talk about travelling through time! A relic from my childhood, I remember buying this on vinyl when I was ten years old and very much into Dr. Who. If I remember correctly, I bought it from WH Smith on Market Street in Oldham – and I can almost picture the corner of the store where the music section was.

Sadly this album is also a relic of the era when Dr. Who was very, very naff – the era of the seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy. A couple of years ago I met the man himself, together with his second companion Sophie “Ace” Aldred at a convention. I really wasn’t that excited to meet him – almost as if I blamed him personally for being a lame duck Doctor. Sophie Aldred was still as hot as hell though.

And anyway, I was more excited about meeting the eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, sat further along the signing table. It wasn’t his connection to Dr. Who I was bothered about – it was his role as the titular “I” (or Marwood) in Withnail And I. McGann autographed a black and white publicity still from the film, scrawled “PONCE”, and drew an arrow to his character. Fantastic!

But anyway, back to Dr. Who. This album of incidental music from the McCoy years (bookended by some earlier versions of the title theme) is delightfully naff. It’s almost nostalgically naff – and that’s the one thing that’s wrong about the current incarnation of the series on the TV at the moment. It’s too modern, too sexy and just not naff enough.

I have other problems with the modern Dr. Who – the absence of cliffhanger endings, the overuse of the Daleks, the fact that the Doctor can now control where the TARDIS lands, the overuse of the sonic screwdriver as deus ex machina – but I guess overall it’s just too damn slick.

Stop messing with my childhood, BBC. It’s Dr. Who – it’s supposed to be a bit crappy!

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