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Rocks In The Attic #89: Unkle – ‘Psyence Fiction’ (1998)

Rocks In The Attic #89: Unkle - ‘Psyence Fiction’ (1998)I bought this very simply because Badly Drawn Boy features on one of the songs, and at the time, just before his debut album was released, I was doing my best to collect everything relating to him. The album then grew on me, as I started to realise that on a very rich album, the badly Drawn Boy song on there isn’t one of the highlights.

I don’t think I knew who DJ Shadow was when I first bought this album, but I’m familiar with Endtroducing, and I see he is listed here as the producer. It’s a very zeitgeist album when you step back and take a look at it – Richard Ashcroft, Badly Drawn Boy, Mike D, Thom Yorke, DJ Shadow.

Hit: UNKLE Main Title Theme

Hidden Gem: Rabbit In Your Headlights