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Rocks In The Attic #423: Imagination – ‘Night Dubbing’ (1983)

RITA#423I picked this up in a job lot once, and probably haven’t played it until today. I know absolutely nothing about the band – I don’t even know if they’re British or American (naughty me for presuming that they’re one or the other, but a large section of my record collection – maybe upwards of 95% – come from one side of the Atlantic).

Wikipedia tells me they’re British – and just two tracks in, I recognise Just An Illusion. Or at least, I recognise the bare bones of the song, this being a remix album of the band’s hits from their first two albums. If anything, it makes me want to check out their studio albums.

I can definitely hear house music and the Hacienda in these grooves – mostly in that organic, liquid bass and the Roland 808 drum sound. It’s a sound I really like, a sound from my childhood.

Hit: Just An Illusion

Hidden Gem: Flashback