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Rocks In The Attic #366: Abba – ‘The Singles – The First Ten Years’ (1982)

RITA#366It always amuses me when bands – or more likely, record companies – bet on what they regard as a sure thing. Here we have Abba’s The Singles – The First Ten Years. The band split in its tenth year, so there was never a ‘Second Ten Years’ follow-up to this. Similarly, I remember buying Van Halen’s Best Of – Volume 1 when it was released in 1996. I’m still waiting for Volume 2. I might be waiting for a long time.

Abba did have a follow-up, of sorts, ten years later. Gold: Greatest Hits (or Abba Gold as it’s more commonly known) was released in 1992, just as the world was beginning to forget about them. That compilation just goes to show what a new music format can do for a band’s career. Bring out the flashy, futuristic compact disc, stick a load of music on it that was released between ten and twenty years earlier, sit back and watch it rocket up the charts (with a little help from Erasure, Muriel’s Wedding and The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert). Benny & Björn must be rolling in it.

Hit: Dancing Queen

Hidden Gem: Does Your Mother Know