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Rocks In The Attic #513: Geoff Love & His Orchestra – ‘Big Bond Movie Themes’ (1975)

RITA#513a.jpgThere’s a reason that Geoff Love isn’t remembered as a great conductor. He and his orchestra had a tidy little earner recording easy listening versions of film themes, commonly released on the Music For Pleasure label. Anything that was cool about the original source material was stripped away, and all that remains is a schmaltzy version of something that sounds weirdly familiar. It’s the same result as you would expect if James Last recorded the collected works of Kraftwerk, or if Nana Mouskouri covered Joni Mitchell’s Blue.

Of course, the Bond films were full of the odd bit of lounge music, so some of it doesn’t sound too far from the truth. John Barry’s scores are full of tiny snippets of easy listening, usually to soundtrack the moment when Bond is about to bed an exotic looking broad. As a result, Geoff Love’s version of the Thunderball theme sounds like it could have been lifted right off the soundtrack to Barry’s Diamonds Are Forever score, particularly the sections set in the Las Vegas casinos. And a theme as eternally cool as On Her Majesty’s Secret Service could be covered by anybody and it’d still be a thousand times cooler than most other pieces of recorded music.

Still, record collecting gives you the opportunity to pick up little curios in charity shops like this for next to nothing. We always had a copy of Geoff Love’s collection of sci-fi themes next to our record player when I was growing up; it’s now long-gone but I’m sure I’ll find a copy of it one day for next to nothing.

RITA#513bWhilst trying to find a photo cover of Love’s Bond compilation to accompany this blog, I found that there are two covers. The original cover features the likenesses of Roger Moore, Sean Connery and Ursula Andress, while the second pressing – the version I have in my collection – has all of these faces either completely obscured (poor Roger) or completely altered. I’m guessing that Music For Pleasure didn’t do their due diligence when it came to securing the rights for what was essentially an unofficial cash-in on EON’s intellectual property.

Hit: The James Bond Theme

Hidden Gem: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Rocks In The Attic #39: The Human League – ‘Dare’ (1981)

Rocks In The Attic #39: The Human League - ‘Dare’ (1981)Looking back, I’m glad I was born when I was. If I’d been born ten years earlier, maybe I would have been a fan of English New Wave. Thankfully I was spared the peer pressure of having to go to discotheques wearing eyeliner, by getting into music a decade later when grunge hit.

This album starts off well on The Things That Dreams Are Made Of – sounding like a commercial version of Kraftwerk – but after that initial track, it does start to sound very dated. Some of the instrumentation, played on early synthesisers, sounds very close to the type of music that would accompany early 8-bit computer games.

Phil Oakey has a killer voice though – he’s obviously influenced by Bowie and that clear, dramatic style of singing, so I wonder what he would have sounded like if he had grown up in a different period and ended up singing in a band in a different genre. I can’t really imagine him singing in a punk band, but he would have shone in any genre that showcases clear diction. And eyeliner.

Hit: Don’t You Want Me

Hidden Gem: The Things That Dreams Are Made Of