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Rocks In The Attic #403: The Walter Murphy Band – ‘A Fifth Of Beethoven’ (1976)

RITA#403Fuck the Bee Gees, I’d be happy if the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack just featured songs by Walter Murphy.

Famous for his version of the first movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, you either love or hate Walter Murphy. This entirely depends on what you think about classical music. For me, it injects a much needed groove into an art form that can be dull and stuffy. Murphy’s A Fifth Of Beethoven seems to be the perfect song to play at a funeral, if only to raise a much needed smile among the mourners. This is probably why he now composes the music for the Family Guy television show.

The instrumental songs on this album are awesome, and the record’s only weak points are the couple of tracks which feature vocals. These come off sounding very dated, as though a network television show like Quincy commissioned them for a scene set in a discotheque: “I’ve seen a man die from exhaustion, Sam, but there’s something about this that doesn’t quite fit. Let’s do another test on the leather from those roller skates…”

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