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Rocks In The Attic #20: Fleetwood Mac – ‘The Pious Bird Of Good Omen’ (1969)

Gotta love the Mac. I bought this album at some fair on Beech Road park in Chorlton. I think it was during Beech Road festival – and probably on the same day (or during the festival another year), Willow bought Bruce Willis’ The Return Of Bruno. I think I got the better deal.

Just like John Mayall, I could listen to Fleetwood Mac all day and not really notice. It seems so natural to me – I must have been a bluesman in a former life or something. I don’t have much of a thing for country blues, but English blues from the beat explosion of the sixties really speaks to me.

This album is a compilation of the band’s first four singles (and their B-sides), plus two tracks from the Mr. Wonderful (1968) album, and another two tracks from another blues artist Eddie Boyd, backed by Fleetwood Mac.

One of my favourite things to happen at work is for one of the girls in the office to put my iPod on the stereo, choose Fleetwood Mac, and then play all their songs on shuffle. They’re expecting songs off Rumours (1977), but my iPod is heavily weighted towards the 1960s version of Fleetwood Mac. The better version, that is.

Hit: Albatross

Hidden Gem: Need Your Love So Bad