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Rocks In The Attic #385: Elton John – ‘Elton John’ (1970)

RITA#385…or Red Dwight Piano Hits – Vol. 1.

I do like a bit of Elton. Only in short doses though. Unless it’s that video of him falling over at the tennis, in which case I can watch it all day. I’m Still Standing? No, you’re not.

This is Elton’s first international album (it’s actually his second album). It starts as he means to go on, with the ubiquitous Your Song opening side one. Overall, it’s a very gentle, understated singer-songwriter album – with singer (Elton) and songwriter (lyricist Bernie Taupin) taking centre-stage on the record’s rear-cover photo.

They’re the only ones wearing any colour in this photo. Moog player Diana Lewis is allowed to wear a jacket with some muted puce tones, and cellist / arranger Paul Buckmaster sports a red hat, but apart from this the photo belongs to the songwriters.

Elton is wearing his best Harry Potter costume – a long scarf that wouldn’t be out of place at Hogwarts, and a great pair of wizard glasses. But it’s Bernie Taupin who realy looks out of place – wearing a blue string singlet, an oversized hat and belt, and gauntlets across his wrists. If you didn’t know he was the silent partner in all of this, you’d be forgiven for thinking he was the charismatic frontman of the band.

In fact, having the rest of the band – including the producer, Gus Dudgeon – in the rear cover photo is quite a nice move, and very out of step for the type of controlling character Elton ‘Centre Of The Universe’ John would become.

Hit: Your Song

Hidden Gem: I Need You To Turn To