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Rocks In The Attic #493: Various Artists – ‘Moonlighting (O.S.T.)’ (1987)

RITA#493A great bunch of songs, as long as you ignore the first stirrings of a singing career by that seminal 1980s soul singer, Bruce Willis. Listening to Bruce, it’s clear that Dean Martin has a lot to answer for – singers like Bruce have been slurring their vocals like Deano for the past 50 years, but thinking that they’ve been doing a Sinatra instead (if there’s anything that you can’t knock Sinatra for, it’s his diction).

I only saw a few episodes of Moonlighting when it originally aired. I always enjoyed it, but I was probably a bit too young at the time and so I didn’t watch it regularly enough for it to mean anything to me. But with the power of the internet, and with ‘her indoors’ being a huge Bruce Willis fan to keep happy, we’ve been slowly working our way through each season.

It’s a great, light-hearted show – albeit with both feet firmly stuck in the ‘80s. It’s always good to see Bruce with a full head of hair, and amusing to see the soft-focus employed whenever Cybill Shepherd has a close-up. More Vaseline on the lens, mister camera operator…

Hit: When A Man Loves A Woman – Percy Sledge

Hidden Gem: Limbo Rock – Chubby Checker