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Rocks In The Attic #219: Average White Band – ‘AWB’ (1974)

RITA#219Quite how a Scottish soul and R&B band can produce one of the deepest funk records – Pick Up The Pieces – almost out of nowhere, is at times hard to believe. Just to give you an example of how Scottish they are, their drummer is called Robbie McIntosh, their guitar-playing vocalist is called Hamish Stuart, and their other guitarist is called – my favourite – Onnie McIntrye, which sounds like a made-up Scottish name. It wouldn’t be hard to believe if you found out that the long-lost seventh member of the group was called Kilt Mcsporran.

My love for Pick Up The Pieces is widely known among my friends. It’s easily my favourite song ever, and due to its lack of lyrics, I don’t get bored of it. It’s just an extremely funky record, and just that bit more musically interesting than the best of James Brown. The counterpoints between the horns and the guitars, with the percussion sitting in the middle, really are a joy to listen to.

The rest of this album, the band’s second, is quite terrible. Apart from a decnt cover of The Isley Brothers’ Work To Do, they almost sound like a different band to the musicians that play on Pick Up The Pieces; and if I could compare them to anything, I would have to put them next to the worst of Michael McDonald-era Doobie Brothers.

Hit: Pick Up The Pieces

Hidden Gem: Work To Do