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Rocks In The Attic #820: Basement Jaxx – ‘The Singles’ (2005)

RITA#820I took a punt on this in the run-up to Christmas. I saw it on sale when I was online shopping, and figured I’d put something else in my cart other than chocolate: family-size tubs of Cadbury’s Roses and Cadbury’s Heroes, a Terry’s Chocolate Orange…and a Basement Jaxx LP please.

Basement Jaxx are one of those bands I’d hear all the time in the UK, but for the life of me I couldn’t name one of their songs. Well, except Where’s Your Head At, which I love the music video for.

Listening to this collection, it turns out I know pretty much every single the band released from 1999 to 2005. I’m guessing it’s from working on the road during that period, and these singles have got ‘Radio 1 playlist’ written all over them. Before being able to plug your phone into the car stereo, radio seemed far more important. I’d listen to Ken Bruce (and Popmaster!) in the mornings on Radio 2, followed by Jeremy Vine at midday, but the rest of the time would be spent listening to Radio 1.

RITA#820bI don’t think I ever saw Basement Jaxx play at a festival, although I’ve definitely heard them play. They were a last-minute replacement for Kylie Minogue at Glastonbury in 2005 after her breast cancer diagnosis, and ended up headlining on the Sunday night in her place. I was all music-ed out by that point, so I listened to them in my tent.

They’re a hit-machine, that’s for sure. This compilation, just like their set at Glastonbury, is banger after banger.

Hit: Romeo

Hidden Gem: U Don’t Know Me