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Rocks In The Attic #204: KC & The Sunshine Band – ‘Greatest Hits’ (1980)

RITA#203I’ve inherited my love for KC & The Sunshine Band from my Dad – I found this album in his CD collection when I started listening to music. When I started buying vinyl, I was happy to find this in the ‘Disco’ racks for next to nothing.

Since then, and despite their regular appearances on Hollywood soundtracks, I’m still yet to find another soul who likes KC & The Sunshine Band. Perhaps I need to go to Florida to meet other like-minded folk (The Sunshine Band are named after the Sunshine State of Florida).

The thing I like about disco (when it’s done well) is that it’s just rock music with a very, very deep groove. Harry Wayne Casey and his band are very interesting to listen purely as a group of very skilful musicians, and it’s probably the word ‘Disco’ that turns most people away from them.

Oh well, their loss.

Hit: That’s The Way (I Like It)

Hidden Gem: Boogie Shoes