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Rocks In The Attic #276: Bryan Adams – ‘Reckless’ (1984)

RITA#276You can say what you want about Bryan Adams – and I’m sure you will! – but he can write a decent pop tune. I’m not sure how much of that is because of outside writers though. This album was entirely co-written by Jim Vallance – the songwriter behind some of Aerosmith’s late ‘80s / early ‘90s hits (Rag Doll, Hangman Jury, The Other Side, Eat The Rich and Deuces Are Wild), and his other big album, 1991’s Waking Up The Neighbours, was co-written (and co-produced) by Robert John “Mutt” Lange, who had all but ended his world-conquering partnerships with AC/DC and Def Leppard.

Like most successful albums of the early ‘80s, Reckless really is a light and sunny album. There’s an optimism that exists at the start of that decade that you don’t really hear too often in the late ‘80’s, and is virtually non-existent in music once the self-consciousness of grunge swept the boards in the early ‘90s. In hindsight, that optimism now looks misplaced and phony.

I’m unsure as to what kind of rock band Adams was playing in, in the narrative of hit single Summer Of ’69. Judging by his birth-date of 1959, this would have made him ten years old at the time – rock n roll! This small inconsistency really shows how much this album, and Adams’ subsequent career, has all been aimed at earlier baby boomers, five or ten years older than him.

Hit: Summer Of ‘69

Hidden Gem: It’s Only Love