Rocks In The Attic #786: The O’Jays – ‘Ship Ahoy’ (1973)


I’ve been after this soul/funk gem for a few years now, and was hoping I’d run into a second-hand copy in the wild somewhere. Instead I managed to find the 2015 reissue at a whopping 30% off in the sale bins at Auckland’s Southbound Records. That’ll do nicely.

Ship Ahoy, the O’Jays’ third studio album finds them following up the Billboard Top 10 success of 1972’s Back Stabbers with a record built around the slavery theme of its title track. Coming three years before the success of Alex Haley’s Roots revitalised the topic for white America, the O’Jays used their prominence in the pop charts to deliver an album full of socially-conscious lyrics set against the grooves of Philadelphia soul.

RITA#786aProduced and (mostly) co-written by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, the album was released by Philadelphia International Records. Today, For The Love Of Money lives on in the dozens of Hip Hop samples taken from the grooves of Anthony Jackson’s phased bassline and chanting vocals of Eddie Levert, William Powell and Walter Williams. I could listen to that bassline all day.

Hit: For The Love Of Money

Hidden Gem: Put Your Hands Together

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