Rocks In The Attic #533: Kate Bush – ‘The Kick Inside’ (1978)

rita533Almost 1,000 records on my shelves (I’m currently sitting at 996 at the time of writing), and I’ve only just got around to buying my first Kate Bush album. I saw this, her 1978 debut, and Lionheart, her follow-up from the same year, at the Auckland record fair last weekend. Five dollars each? Yes, please.

It always feels a bit nicer to not only listen to records in chronological order, but also to buy them in chronological order too. I also saw Hounds Of Love, my favourite album of hers, in the same rack, but not only was it a bit on the dirty side – which admittedly, I could have cleaned up – it would have ruined the OCD part of my brain to buy album numbers one, two and…five.

I must admit I’m not the biggest Kate Bush fan. She’s just somebody I haven’t managed to get around to listening to in great detail. I know the hits from growing up in England, but a lot of the album tracks would be new to me.

She makes for a weird listen; kind of like how I see Lorde these days. A strange voice, odd lyrics that read more like poetry than anything else in the pop charts, and everything sung in such an odd meter that you’d be forgiven for mishearing a lot of the lyrics. Kate Bush doesn’t so much start a word on one bar and finish it on the next; instead she seems to effortlessly make it up on the spot, stretching or squeezing in syllables wherever she cares to.

It’s very much appreciated that the record comes with the lyrics printed on the rear cover. I’d struggled to understand most of Wuthering Heights in all my years on earth, and even with a cursory glance at the words I’d struggle to sing along even now.

Hit: Wuthering Heights

Hidden Gem: Moving

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