Rocks In The Attic #508: Manfred Mann – ‘Mann Made’ (1965)

RITA#508This is album number two for Manfred Mann – another one of those mid-sixties beat combos that sort of belong in that decade, having never really enjoyed a career revival.

Listening to an instrumental like The Abominable Snowman on side one, or Bear Hugg on side two, there’s an aspect to them that sounds like the ‘swinging London’ you would see in films of the day, and while this sounds like a critique of their work, it’s really just that they have that classic heavy R&B sound that’s so representative of the city at that time.

The only thing that would make the record more London-esque would be a cover photo of them hanging out of the back of a Routemaster London bus, while a pigeon flies into the bowler hat of a businessman passer-by.

The band might be named after their keyboard-playing founder member, but the one thing that sets them apart from other bands at this point is vocalist Paul Jones. He would leave the band after this record, to go solo, while Manfred Mann would soldier on with his replacement, Mike D’Abo.

Hit: Since I Don’t Have You

Hidden Gem: You’re For Me


2 thoughts on “Rocks In The Attic #508: Manfred Mann – ‘Mann Made’ (1965)

  1. fishface

    I agree, left in the ’60s, but I had the unexpected joy of seeing (most of) the band for free during Cowes Week in recent years. Now touring as The Manfreds, still worth catching. Great musicianship and song writing.


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