Rocks In The Attic #469: José Feliciano – ‘Feliciano!’ (1968)

RITA#469Feliciano!, José’s 1968 collection of rock and pop covers, in great condition, for the princely sum of fifty cents? Yes please!

There’s not much I can say about this record other than how good it is. But you probably already know that. It’s one of those records that could very easily stray into the nursing home stratosphere of easy listening, but there’s an element of cool that you just can’t argue with.

Even if you just take his instrumental cuts – the Beatles’ And I Love Her and Here, There And Everywhere for example – it’s just marvellous. His voice on the other tracks is just the cherry on the top.

Feliciano! is actually his fourth English album in as many years, but that didn’t stop the Grammys giving him the Best New Artist award in 1969. He was also nominated for Album Of The Year, but lost out to Glen Campbell for By The Time I Get To Phoenix.

Hit: Light My Fire

Hidden Gem: And I Love Her


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