Rocks In The Attic #427: Sergio Mendes & Brasil ‘66 – ‘Greatest Hits’ (1970)

RITA#427I’ve loved Mas Que Nada ever since I heard it on the first Austin Powers soundtracks, in the days where I would immediately buy the soundtrack if I liked a film. In fact, now that I think about it, the film studios would have got a fair bit of money from me around the late ‘90s. I would go and watch a film on a Friday night, and usually if I like it enough I would go out and buy the soundtrack the next day. This makes me feel much better about the way I – ahem – watch films these days.

Given the size of Brazil – f**king massive – it’s surprising that the country hasn’t exported more musical artists to the western world. Scratching my head, the only other Brazilians I can think of are Sepultura and Seu Jorge. Yes, it’s a poor country, but that shouldn’t stop musicians upping sticks and hitchhiking north to the bright lights of North America. Instead Brazilian musicians tend to be famous for older musical styles – essentially for any instrument that doesn’t require a plug.

As much as I love Mas Que Nada, the rest of this album is made up of mostly average easy-listening covers. Unfortunately I can’t listen to this type of music without thinking of Austin Powers gyrating on a rotating circular bed.

Hit: Mas Que Nada

Hidden Gem: Night And Day


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