Rocks In The Attic #390: Mike Post – ‘Television Theme Songs’ (1982)

RITA#390Mike Post is the man. Responsible for the themes behind such TV shows as Hill Street Blues, The A-Team, Quantum Leap, Magnum P.I., CHiPS, The Rockford Files and many, many more, this is a guy who knows how to create a catchy tune to fit a narrow sixty-second window.

There are a couple of songs on this album that I’m not aware of – Theme From The Greatest American Hero (Believe It Or Not), Theme From White Shadow and School’s Out (From Richie Brockelman Private Eye) – I’m guessing because those shows didn’t play in the UK. I do recognise Believe It Or Not, believe it or not, from its use in a New Zealand television commercial (for Lotto?) over the last couple of years. Still, you don’t need to have been exposed to these themes in your childhood to be able to see them as instantly catchy slices of television soundtracks. Still, I don’t want to start spreading rumours but Mike Post must have been – ahem – exposed to a hell of a lot of children in the ‘80s…

I’d buy the album alone for the themes to Hill Street Blues, Magnum P.I. and The Rockford Files. Great stuff. I have a childhood memory of listening to the theme to The Rockford Files on a tape player while I was in a bath (hardly safe, I know, but my parents were probably trying to kill me) and thinking that the pitch-fiddling synth line playing the main melody sounded like a duck.

Hit: Theme From Hill Street Blues

Hidden Gem: Theme From The Rockford Files


One thought on “Rocks In The Attic #390: Mike Post – ‘Television Theme Songs’ (1982)

  1. Quirky T

    I didn’t know this album existed. I love the theme for “The A-Team” as well as the show itself. I’m familiar with “The Greatest America Hero” from watching the show as a child. That theme song was used in an episode of the TV show “Seinfeld” as George’s phone answering machine message. The words were changed to “Believe it or not, George is not home.”


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