Rocks In The Attic #377: Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’ (1991)

RITA#377Now this takes me back. If there’s one album that reminds me of my teens, it’s this one (and probably also the first Rage Against The Machine album). Blood Sugar Sex Magik is ingrained in my mind with being 16 years old, waiting for Saturday night to come around, getting drunk at somebody’s house, and then making our way into Oldham to go to Ambition – at the time, the only nightclub in town for anything other than pop music; one room indie, one room alternative rock.

Until I bought it recently on vinyl, I probably hadn’t heard B.S.S.M. at all in the twenty first century – remarkable, considering how much I used to listen to it in the 1990s. I gave up my CD copy a long time ago, and never bothered to seek it out since. I‘m amazed at how much I’m enjoying it – that first side – The Power Of Equality, If You Have To Ask, Breaking The Girl, Funky Monks and Suck My Kiss – is absolutely killer. It does wane near the end, but you’d sort of expect that from an album that runs at an hour and thirteen minutes. In any other decade, that’d be classed as a double-album. In the early to mid ‘90s, when everybody was filling CDs up to breaking point, it was par for the course. In fact, I had to return my first copy on CD to Picadilly Records as my stereo refused to play it. The disc wasn’t scratched, I’m just not sure if CDs were ever designed for that much content (the same happened with Metallica’s Load later in the decade).

I could harp on and on about how the Chili Peppers were a decent band, at the cutting edge of the zeitgeist, when they released this. But I won’t. I just remember the good times that accompanied this record.

Hit: Give It Away

Hidden Gem: The Power Of Equality

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