Rocks In The Attic #360: Electric Light Orchestra – ‘Discovery’ (1979)

RITA#360E.L.O. are definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. Fronted by a Beatle-wannabe in Jeff Lynne and supplemented by a string trio, their sound was Lynne’s way to rescue the type of instruments usually associated with stuffy classical music. On paper, it sounds terrible, but Lynne’s ear for a catchy melody and pop hook secured a consistent run of hit singles throughout the ‘70s.

One of my favourite E.L.O. songs – Don’t Bring Me Down – closes this song. It feels effortless, like the Beatles’ Eight Days A Week – a song so simple, it sounds like it was written by a child. Even at this stage in their career, eight studio albums in, Lynne can churn out pop song after pop song.

Sadly, E.L.O. are from Birmingham. If they were from Yorkshire, the shortened version of their name might make a bit more sense – “Eee…‘ello!”.

Hit: Don’t Bring Me Down

Hidden Gem: Last Train To London

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