Rocks In The Attic #342: Kiss – ‘Crazy Nights’ (1987)

RITA#342The song Crazy, Crazy Nights reminds me of two things – Mark & Lard’s afternoon show on BBC1 Radio (“Stop…. carry on!”), and the embarrassing fact that I used to like this kind of rock music, without any trace of irony.

As far as Kiss goes, this record falls into mid-period, make-up-free Kiss. Ace Frehley and Peter Criss are long gone at this point, replaced by Bruce Kulick on guitar and Eric Carr on drums. I remember reading once how Kulick was shot in L.A., outside the Rainbow, by a couple of stray bullets. As serious as it sounds, it’s almost in the Spinal Tap school of music anecdotes.

This album is terrible. It sounds nothing like the Kiss of the 1970s; instead it sounds like every other rock record released around this time. It’s music for the West Coast American summer, for strip clubs and Don Simpson / Jerry Bruckheimer movies; dumb music for dumb Americans.

Hit: Crazy, Crazy Nights

Hidden Gem: No, No, No


5 thoughts on “Rocks In The Attic #342: Kiss – ‘Crazy Nights’ (1987)

  1. Matthew Gibson

    They are a band whose popularity is mystifying. Gene Simmons occasionally unfurls his outsized tongue to give his opinion on something or other and is for some reason taken seriously, when by rights he should get the same respect as, say, the bassist from Kula Shaker (who at least had a couple of decent songs)

  2. mrjohnnyandrews Post author

    Not to stick up for them, but Kiss do have more than a couple of decent songs – they just haven’t traveled very well. They’re very much like 1970s Aerosmith in that they seem to be an American entity, and either the rest of the world doesn’t get them, or the rest of the world doesn’t *want* to get them.

    Apparently Gene Simmons has said recently that ‘rock is dead’. So that’s it then. We can all stop listening.


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