Rocks In The Attic #298: Primal Scream – ‘Vanishing Point’ (1997)

RITA#298Another album with an appearance by the Memphis Horns – those boys sure do get around!

This is a long way from being my favourite Primal Scream album, but somebody bought it for me as a birthday present – and records that I’ve received as gifts are always treasured more than any of my other records.

This album was seen as a return to form after Give Out But Don’t Give Up, but that album was my favourite era of Primal Scream. I can understand why the clubbing and Ecstacy fans of Screamadelica were turned off by it, but Give Out… speaks to the rocker in me. Listening to Vanishing Point, you can hear the natural progression from Screamadelica. In retrospect, the odd-sounding rock album in-between just seems like a misstep.

I do like the strange messages scratched into the run-out grooves on this album. Side A has quotes from the film Vanishing Point: “THE QUESTION’S NOT WHEN THEY’RE GONNA’ STOP…” on side A, followed by “…BUT WHO’S GONNA’ STOP THEM” on side B. Side C has “FREE TITCH”; and side D has “SOMEDAY THIS L.P.’S GONNA END, SON”.

Hit: Kowalski

Hidden Gem: Get Duffy


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