Rocks In The Attic #267: James Brown – ‘The Popcorn’ (1969)

RITA#267James Brown was such a smart businessman. Despite being tied to a record contract restricting him to so many LP releases per year as a vocalist, he used to bring instrumental records out. Talk about exploiting a loophole!

The Popcorn is one such release. The LP cover states James Brown directs and dances with the James Brown Band, and just in case the record company is watching, the cover shows James mid-jive on stage. And there’s not a mic stand to be seen!

The album is a short and relatively straightforward run-through of eight instrumentals (with two numbers split into two parts each). It actually sounds like it was hastily recorded (probably to cash in on the back of the successful Mother Popcorn single) and even though 1969 was a landmark year for James Brown – Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose and Funky Drummer were both recorded or released in the same year – the album is a relatively restrained affair. There are no call-outs on the record – no “Fred!”, no “Bobby!”, etc – which I’m guessing was probably a safety measure to prevent the record company from claiming it was a vocal performance.

But it’s still as funky as hell!

Hit: The Popcorn

Hidden Gem: Why Am I Treated So Bad


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