Rocks In The Attic #266: Kiss – ‘Destroyer’ (1976)

RITA#266I like Aerosmith so I should like Kiss, right? Both are cartoonish rock bands from the 1970s whose appeal to denim-clad American teens didn’t really translate over the Atlantic during that decade. But while I fully understand Aerosmith, I’ve never been able to get Kiss.

Some of their tunes are pretty good, but it’s really only pop-rock nonsense aimed at adolescents. Their image can also be a bit of a curse too – good luck to them for sticking by it over the years (even though they dropped the whole look mid-career) – but at the end of the day, it’s just a gimmick isn’t it? Even though I don’t understand people who don’t like AC/DC, I can see how the gimmick of Angus’ schoolboy outfit can initially put people off the band. The trouble is, AC/DC are in a whole different class to Kiss.

Kiss seems to be an American institution. A band that has really only found the same levels of mania in Japan. Thankfully the rest of the world seems to know better.

Hit: Detroit Rock City

Hidden Gem: King Of The Night Time World


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