Rocks In The Attic #255: Elvis Presley – ‘Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite’ (1973)

RITA#255I was on a plane once, on a long-haul flight, and I was flicking through the TV stations on my screen. I ended up watching a TV special on that tour from a few years ago when Elvis’ band played against a giant TV screen of Elvis singing.

Aside from being impressed with the sheer logistics of putting that sort of thing together, I was most interested in the interviews with the fans at the shows. Interspersed with tracks from the show were vox pops with audience members gushing about the genius of good ol’ Elvis.

And this is the thing about Elvis fans. They’re batshit crazy. They’re not even fans of music – they’re just fans of Elvis exclusively, as though there’s music…and then there’s Elvis…and the two should never meet.

Hit: Blue Suede Shows

Hidden Gem: See See Rider


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