Rocks In The Attic #227: Motörhead – ‘Ace Of Spades’ (1980)

RITA#227Lemmy Kilmister sings with so much conviction that a Spinal Tap-esque lyric like ‘Love Me Like A Reptile, I’m gonna sink my fangs in you’ goes by without you even noticing. In the next song, Shoot You In The Back – a song with imagery about cowboys and the like – Lemmy has little faith that the average Motörhead fan will understand the change in direction, so he sets the scene by shouting ‘Western Movies!’ after the opening guitar riff.

Subtlety, tact and discretion may not be Motörhead’s best qualities, but if you want frantic heavy rock, there’s hardly a better band around. With their incredibly fast tempos you can understand why the punks in the late ‘70s turned their safety-pinned noses up at most of the rock bands of the day, but gave Motörhead their collective blessing.

This is yet another one of my Dad’s records, and it’s always been a favourite on my turntable throughout the years. I’ve heard a couple of other Motörhead records, but they’ve always lacked the direction and appeal of Ace Of Spades.

Thanks to a very accessible title track as lead single, this record marks the band’s highest achievement in the album charts (reaching #4 in the UK) – and in the song Ace Of Spades alone, you can hear the undeniable influence that Motörhead had on the burgeoning thrash metal scene.

Hit: Ace Of Spades

Hidden Gem: Love Me Like A Reptile

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