Rocks In The Attic #220: Bad Company – ‘Bad Company’ (1974)

RITA#220My friend Vini always says when he hears Bad Company’s Can’t Get Enough, he can’t get the image of Christopher Walken dancing with Tia Carrere (from Wayne’s World 2) out of his head. I’m usually pretty good with disassociating music from the moving image, but now every time I hear Can’t Get Enough, I can’t get the idea of Vini being unable to separate the song from that crazy image out of my head!

Bad Company are the epitome of Dad rock – a watered-down version of Free, with very little going on of any interest. In fact, they’re a mini-supergroup, consisting not only of the singer and drummer from Free, but the bass player from King Crimson and the guitarist from Mott The Hoople.

Can’t Get Enough is an oft-overlooked rock classic, with Paul Rodger’s vocals melting nicely over Mick Ralphs’ guitar work, but the band really are a one-trick pony, dealing in a dirge of mid-tempo heavy rock that’s sometimes stifling in its simplicity.

Hit: Can’t Get Enough

Hidden Gem: Ready For Love

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