Rocks In The Attic #194: Tracy Chapman – ‘Tracy Chapman’ (1988)

RITA#194For a very long time, the hit on this album was undoubtedly Fast Car, but given the more famous cover of Baby Can I Hold You by Boyzone, this latter song now seems to eclipse everything else on here.

I remember having a conversation in the early 2000s with a couple of lesbian friends who were heading out that night to go and see Joni Mitchell play live in concert. I suddenly smelt a rat. Knowing that Mitchell played live very irregularly, I pushed them for more information and eventually found out it was Tracy Chapman they were about to see. Even though she’s no Joni Mitchell, I’d still be happy to see Chapman play live, but what a faux pas to make! Hardly surprising coming from a pair of girls who were so culturally bereft – Tracy Chapman was probably wasted on them.

A friend once told me that you shouldn’t get emotional or nostalgic about music, as it ruins your ability to judge art in a level-headed manner. This album reminds me of a former girlfriend who introduced me to it and used to play it all the time. Despite the happy memories, I still think it’s a good album that’s stood the test of time very well.

Hit: Baby Can I Hold You

Hidden Gem: Behind The Wall


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