Rocks In The Attic #185: Alfie – ‘If You Happy With You Need Do Nothing’ (2001)

RITA#185I bought this in the wake of the hype surrounding Badly Drawn Boy, who I was a fan of at the time. I recall the music press pigeon-holing the band as being a prominent member of the BNAM – or the ‘British New Acoustic Movement’. Ugh. That’s almost as bad as NWOBHM.

I think I may have listened to this once when I bought it, and it has remained on the shelf ever since. On listening to it again, I probably reckon I just wasn’t in the mood for it at the time. It’s very inoffensive acoustic folk music – the sort of thing that Donovan was churning out in the ‘60s, but with a Manchester – or Madchester – slant.

Hit: It’s Just About The Weather

Hidden Gem: You Make No Bones

5 thoughts on “Rocks In The Attic #185: Alfie – ‘If You Happy With You Need Do Nothing’ (2001)

  1. Matthew Gibson

    Many years ago in the Grand Central pub in Manchester, I bumped into my friend Lee. I asked where he’d been as I hadn’t seen him in a while. He said he’d been in away “recording some songs”. Turned out that he meant this album. I didn’t even know he was in a band. Well, I said to myself, if I know someone in a band then I should buy their record. And indeed I did. And I listened to it once then never bought any more of their other records.

    1. Matthew Gibson

      Just from going to the same nightclubs- 42nd Street and the Hacienda mainly. I knew him before he was famous is what I’m trying to see. I never knew all that well, just used to bump into him quite often.


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