Rocks In The Attic #183: The Rolling Stones – ‘The Rolling Stones’ (1964)

RITA#183When I first started to listen to Aerosmith – about twenty years before I would actually get chance to listen to this debut by the Stones – I could never quite figure out the severity of the comparisons of the two bands. Yes, Tyler and Perry and are a carbon copy of Jagger and Richards – they even have a moniker, the Toxic Twins, to rival Jagger and Richards as the Glimmer Twins, but apart from that I couldn’t really see what else there was.

Arguably – and of course this is purely subjective – Steven Tyler is a superior vocalist to Mick Jagger; and perhaps less arguably, Perry can run rings around Richards on the guitar (which isn’t exactly that shaming on the part of Keith who is more of a rhythm guitarist anyway). The Stones frontmen are better songwriters of course (well, some of the time), so apart from looks and a general Stones-ey feeling from Aerosmith’s brand of rock n’ roll, I could never quite understand what else (like there had to be something else!) there was.

After finally getting to hear the Stones’ debut earlier this year – the answer is obvious. Rather than doing their best to avoid the Stones comparisons, Aerosmith very stupidly decided to cover the same song to close their debut album – Rufus Thomas’ Walking The Dog – that the Stones had closed their debut album just nine years earlier!

Both versions are fantastic – as is the original – and each band does the song a little differently, but you think somebody might have mentioned that this wasn’t too hot an idea when they were putting Aerosmith’s album together.

This Stones debut is fantastic – with about double the energy the Beatles had managed to pull together for their debut the previous year – and alongside the eleven covers on here (only one song is a Jagger/Richards original), I love their version of Chuck Berry’s Carol – which reminds me of this hilarious version of Keith getting to play the song with his hero.

Hit: Route 66

Hidden Gem: Carol


2 thoughts on “Rocks In The Attic #183: The Rolling Stones – ‘The Rolling Stones’ (1964)

  1. Matthew Gibson

    That first Beatles album is strangely neutered to the point I think, what was all the fuss about. But then you hear the real raw energy on the Beatles at the BBC, they never quite put that energy on an album. Why put Go With Him on an album and leave off Some Other Guy? I think in the end that the Beatles had better songs than the Stones, but the Stones made better albums.
    Of course, the Kinks were better than both.

  2. mrjohnnyandrews Post author

    I think that’s partly the fault of George Martin, who had too much say in which songs they recorded for that first album.

    Some Other Guy is great – it’s a shame there’s no proper studio version of it.


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