Rocks In The Attic #181: Chic – ‘C’est Chic’ (1976)

RITA#181I’m not exactly sure what I love more: Nile Rodgers’ funky right hand, Bernard Edwards’ percussive bass playing, or Tony Thompson consistently opening up the hi-hat on the drums. It’s probably a mixture of all three that make this album, Chic in general, and a lot of other projects – Sister Sledge, LaBelle, etc – by those three principles timeless and a step ahead of the dated disco from around the same time.

This is Chic’s second album, and I have the UK pressing which rather shamelessly appends two singles from their debut album – album versions of Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) and Everybody Dance – to the eight tracks that are presented on the original version of the album.

There’s an area of Botany near where I live where all the streets are named after famous golfers. There’s Bob Charles Drive, Faldo Drive and a few others. On the other side of the golf course to these streets, there’s a Bernie Edwards Drive. Presumably he’s a famous golfer too but I like to think that the housing developer got bored with golfers and decided to start over with funky bass players. I’ve never been down Bernie Edwards Drive to see what streets it leads onto, but I hope Bootsy Collins Crescent and Duck Dunn Drive are down there.

Hit: Le Freak

Hidden Gem: Savoir Faire


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