Rocks In The Attic #179: The Knack – ‘Get The Knack’ (1979)

RITA#179To paraphrase another reviewer, The Knack were seen as the next Beatles when they first came out; but you can tell that that never quite worked out, because there’s not a tribute band called The Bootleg Knack doing the rounds at the moment.

Like most gen-X-ers, I first heard My Sharona in Reality Bites – the 1994 Ben Stiller film of the grunge generation (and also the first time I’d seen or heard of Ben Stiller). The use of the song in that film is fantastic, and the memory of it always makes me smile whenever I hear the song.

I bought the soundtrack to that film early on, which has the edited version of My Sharona as the opening song. Because I listened to that CD so much, it still jars when I hear the full length version of the song, with the guitar solo break.

The rest of the album sounds like something you would expect to hear in a Mike Myers romantic comedy, and I’m surprised they don’t have any songs on the soundtrack of So I Married An Axe Murderer.

Hit: My Sharona

Hidden Gem: Good Girls Don’t


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