Rocks In The Attic #168: Aerosmith – ‘Classics Live!’ (1986)

You know when you love a band’s work, you consume the good stuff, and then you start scraping the barrel? Well this album represents the time when I started scraping the Aerosmith barrel.

Released in 1986 just before the band’s resurgence with thanks to Run DMC, the album is a mixed bag of live performances – ‘recorded at various concerts between 1977 & 1983’ as the album sleeve vaguely states, and therefore features tracks recorded by the original line-up on guitar (Joe Perry and Brad Whitford) and their late-‘70’s / early-‘80s replacements (Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay). There are even rumours that some of the guitar parts were re-recorded by Adam Bomb at the request of the record company (probably with a view to making the tracks sound a bit punchier and more contemporary). The drums sound like they’ve been tampered with too.

So as far as barrels go, this one stinks. The only saving grace is the inclusion of the studio track Major Barbra at the end – an unreleased song from the Get Your Wings sessions.

Hit: Sweet Emotion

Hidden Gem: Major Barbra


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