Rocks In The Attic #165: Eurythmics – ‘Revenge’ (1986)

Annie Lennox has a great voice, and the world is probably a little poorer for the fact that Eurythmics don’t make records any more. Their brand of new-wave-inflected soulful pop isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I’d sooner see them in the charts than the countless personality-free manufactured acts these days (Taylor Swift, please stand up).

This is album number five (of eight studio albums released in the ‘80s), and is quite far away from their new-wave origins – most of the album sounds precisely like the sort of middle-of-the-road pop that Sharleen Spiterri has made a career out of.

My vinyl copy of this album has a sticker on the front, that I recognise as an old WH Smith sticker, stating that the LP costs $6.49. A larger eye-catching sticker has been put on top of this, reducing the price down to $5.29. How very precise and specific – I miss prices not being rounded up to the nearest 50 or 100, especially in New Zealand where we no longer have a 5¢ coin any more.

Annie Lennox was by far the best thing about Live 8 – which isn’t difficult – and her performance went a long way to suggest that her voice is improving with age – a rare thing for a vocalist.

Hit: Thorn In My Side

Hidden Gem: I Remember You


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