Rocks In The Attic #162: Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass – ‘Solid Brass’ (1972)

This is a collection of Alpert’s singles throughout the ‘60s, and comes on the A&M label, which more than makes sense. The album is co-produced by Jerry Moss, so everybody’s here! There is one notable exception however – the absence of Spanish Flea, which I (and Homer Simpson) absolutely adore.

My copy of this album has a sticker on the front which proudly offers me “Solid Brass vouchers worth 50p off other albums inside”. There aren’t any vouchers to be found however, so somebody obviously put that 50p to good use.

I haven’t heard a great deal of Herb Alpert’s material before. A lot of the singles on this album are new to me, or perhaps so un-notable that they’ve passed me by over the years. I must say his brand of horn-based instrumentalism does tire very quickly and you can understand how quickly this form of lounge music, alongside the likes of Burt Bacharach, became passé in the ‘70s when everybody woke up to reality after the ‘60s.

Hit: This Guy’s In Love With You

Hidden Gem: Casino Royale


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