Rocks In The Attic #158: Bill Withers – ‘Bill Withers’ Greatest Hits’ (1981)

“That was Bill Withers who, thank the Lord, is still with us” – Alan Partidge.

I love a bit of Bill – who doesn’t? He’s one of those singers that, even when singing what is essentially a soppy love song, he comes across as a hard bastard. Looking on his Wikipedia page, he was born in Slab Fork, West Virginia. How masculine does that sound? “My name’s Bill, and I come from Slab Fork.” He sounds like he was chiselled out of granite. You wouldn’t mess with him, that’s for sure.

I’m not sure what he’s been doing since 1985 – the year of his last record (and even that was six since the previous one) – but these ‘best of’ compilations keep churning out (there are eight compilations listed on Wikipedia, against eight studio albums).

Wikipedia reports that he runs a publishing company in Beverly Hills. It’s a shame that he doesn’t record any more, although I guess it might be a very good thing – recording a respectable body of work, and then leaving the music business. Why don’t other people do that sort of thing – and I’m talking to you, Paul McCartney!

Hit: Lovely Day

Hidden Gem: Use Me


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