Rocks In The Attic #137: The Joe Perry Project – ‘Let The Music Do The Talking’ (1980)

Rocks In The Attic #137: The Joe Perry Project - ‘Let The Music Do The Talking’ (1980)I’d like to say this is better than anything that Aerosmith was doing in 1980 – because Joe Perry is Aerosmith, right? – but it’s really not. It sounds like a solo album from just one aspect of Aerosmith, which of course is what it is. As much as I love Joe Perry – and regard him as the most kick-ass part of Aerosmith, this album really proves that he is just one element of that band, and that on his own he has trouble reaching the same peaks.

This album was released after Joe Perry left Aerosmith – following a backstage arguement involving spilt milk, of all things – and put together relatively quickly compared to the marathon recording sessions that were plaguing Aerosmith at the time.

It’s pretty cheesy, but I love the album cover. The front has a photograph of Joe, guitar slung over his back, delivering the master tape to a board meeting of executives sat across a ridiculously large glass conference table. The rear cover has a shot of Joe, sat at an ornate desk in near-darkness like a private detective, cigarette in hand, overlooking 8”x10” black and white photographs of his band. Love it!

Hit: Let The Music Do The Talking

Hidden Gem: Shooting Star


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