Rocks In The Attic #115: Whistler – ‘Whistler’ (1999)

Rocks In The Attic #115: Whistler - ‘Whistler’ (1999)Whistler are an acoustic trio, put together by ex-EMF guitarist Ian Dench.

I came across this band when they were supporting Wiiija labelmates Bis at a gig in Leeds. I then saw them a few nights later in Manchester, on the same tour and finally on the acoustic stage at Glastonbury that summer.

It’s definitely nice music – I don’t think anybody would disagree with that – but Kerry Shaw’s posh voice does grate on some tracks. Singing clearly and over-enunciating every word isn’t a great idea when you sound like you come from the privileged classes. The songwriting is very good on this album though, good enough in most cases to ignore Shaw’s vocals; and there’s a massive influence of Nick Drake on this LP, which is why I like it.

Hit: Don’t Jump In Front Of My Train

Hidden Gem: The End


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