Rocks In The Attic #83: Thompson Twins – ‘Here’s To Future Days’ (1985)

Rocks In The Attic #83: Thompson Twins - ‘Here’s To Future Days’ (1985)Just before I started the Rocks In The Attic blog, I had a clear-out of my vinyl collection and took anything I would never listen to down to the charity shop. There was quite a bit of stuff – mainly 80s compilations, like the Now That’s What I Call Music series and some Heavy Metal compilations with the likes of Saxon and other similarly-titled bands on them.

In that pile of records destined for the charity shop was this album, plus its predecessor, Into The Gap. I hadn’t listened to either record – in fact I don’t think I know any songs by the Thompson Twins, or at least none that I could associate the band with. I saved these two albums because I happened to notice on the back of this one that it was produced by Nile Rodgers.

This album comes with a free five track record of remixes – which I actually prefer to the actual album, as the material sounds a bit more direct and to-the-point than the songs on the album.

On listening to this record, I think I made the right decision by saving it from the charity shop. Donating this horrific record wouldn’t have been very charitable.

Hit: King For A Day

Hidden Gem: Alice (Remix)


One thought on “Rocks In The Attic #83: Thompson Twins – ‘Here’s To Future Days’ (1985)

  1. Matthew Gibson

    Is it bad? This is the first album (rather than single) I got having chose myself – ie not the Shakin Stevens tape I'd been given previously. Anyway, I liked it very much at the time but probably haven't listened to it for more than 25 years. I doubt very much my 9 year old self would have bad taste in music.


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