Rocks In The Attic #75: Gomez – ‘Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline’ (2000)

Rocks In The Attic #75: Gomez - ‘Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline’ (2000)This album is number 2.5 for Gomez – a collection of b-sides and outtakes released between their second and third albums. I must have liked both of their first two albums enough to buy this, but I don’t think I listened to it more than once or twice.

I’ve never really understood outtakes albums – well I understand them – but I think in most cases you need to be a total and complete fan of the band to truly appreciate them. This is very true of this album – it’s all recordings made in and around the sessions and tours of the first two albums, but where a studio album is pored over and analysed, this sounds as cobbled together as you would expect.

Also, the vinyl format of this album isn’t assisted by the fact that they’ve crammed 49 minutes on one disc. Normally that would be okay, but given that the first two albums are double-LPs, this just doesn’t have the depth and clarity to stand up to those records.

This was the last Gomez record I bought – but if I saw any of their other ones on vinyl, I wouldn’t hesitate.

Hit: 78 Stone Shuffle

Hidden Gem: Bring Your Lovin’ Back Here


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