Rocks In The Attic #72: Daft Punk – ‘Homework’ (1996)

Rocks In The Attic #72: Daft Punk - ‘Homework’ (1996)I can’t remember buying this. I definitely remember buying the 12” of Around The World, which was always something I’d play first when DJing, while I sorted everything out in the booth; but this always seems to have been in my collection.

There are some tunes on this album – the aforementioned Around The World is probably the best known, but Da Funk is probably the other one most people know. Like most ‘House’ music, it’s hardly something you’d put on the record player and chill out to – it’s meant to be played loud, and preferably in a club.

I remember at some point buying the DVD – or was it the VHS? – of the music video collection that accompanies this album. Those videos probably go some way to explain how much Daft Punk were in the zeitgeist when they first came out. If you can get music videos made, of your two best songs, by people like Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze, you must be doing something right.

Hit: Around The World

Hidden Gem: Daftendirekt


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