Rocks In The Attic #71: Blondie – ‘Autoamerican’ (1980)

Rocks In The Attic #71: Blondie - ‘Autoamerican’ (1980)This is an odd album, effectively showing Blondie moving with the times and changing from a 70s band into an 80s band. You can imagine rock fans turning away from Blondie in droves when this was released, but I like it. It has a charm, and the band sound very confident taking such a departure from their punk beginnings.

Okay, their punk was always very pop-oriented, but here they move away from sure ground to embrace Jamaican ska (The Tide Is High), jazz (Here’s Looking At You, Faces), disco (Do The Dark), and even funk and rap (Rapture). It’s almost as though they thought they’d switch genres but couldn’t decide on which one to switch to so they chose all of them.

When listening to a greatest hits record by Blondie, the hit singles from this album – The Tide Is High and Rapture – sound out of place, but on this record, in their original context, they make much more sense.

Hit: The Tide Is High

Hidden Gem: Europa


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