Rocks In The Attic #66: Various Artists – ‘The Best Of Bacharach’ (1968)

Rocks In The Attic #66: Various Artists - ‘The Best Of Bacharach’ (1968)He can write a tune and a half, Burt.

The instrumental versions of Bacharach / David songs prove that music and melody is far superior to the written word. Although when you really think about it, is the instrumental version of Do You Know The Way To San Jose just as catchy because we all know the words anyway? Who knows…

I’ve always scratched my head when you hear about bands’ royalty payments being weighted towards the lyricist of the band – which confuses me even more when you see behind-the-scenes footage of albums being made, and the so-called poets of the band are rushing around trying to think of a couple of syllables to fill a line in a song. There will be suicidal teens somewhere, poring over these lyrics and at the end of the day they’ve used purely to plug a gap, with no thought behind them.

Which isn’t to say that Hal David is guilty of this. Although maybe he is. And maybe the musical equivalent of this is when a composer of a song builds in a small section of music to join two existing pieces together, which probably happens more often.

Perhaps I should stop thinking too deeply about all this and just listen to Burt. Pass the brandy, will you?

Hit: I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself – Dusty Springfield

Hidden Gem: The Look Of Love – Dusty Springfield


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