Rocks In The Attic #62: Tina Turner – ‘Foreign Affair’ (1989)

Another record in my collection that seems to have always been there, but I can’t remember ever receiving it as a gift from anyone.  And I definitely wouldn’t have bought it. I might hang on to it though, just in case I ever get asked to DJ at somebody’s wedding – The Best would go down as well at the drunken end of a wedding reception as it would have in 1989.

Tina Turner is one of those people who doesn’t look anything like their younger self. When you see video or photos of her singing with Ike Turner, she looks nothing like the solo version of Tina Turner. It’s probably the hair, which she rocks out in every photo on this album sleeve. Al Pacino is another one – I just don’t see the connection between the young Michael Corleone and the man who won an Oscar playing a blind man.

This album was made in 1989 but it sounds very dated, like it was made in the middle of that decade. It has the production feel of an Eric Clapton album of that period, but with the type of half-hearted instrumentation that showcases a vocalist and not a musician.

Hit: The Best

Hidden Gem: Steamy Windows

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